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HDMI to VGAIf you want to connect your HDMI devices to a VGA input then you’re going to need an HDMI to VGA adapter/converter. These are relatively cheap and will allow you to connect your laptop, games console, etc to a PC monitor or a projector… basically any device with only a VGA input. You can connect... Read More »

Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player

Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media PlayerAs a big movie buff, I am always online looking for the hottest new flicks, trailer and movie reviews. I also like watching a lot of sport and sometimes that’s only available on streams such as BT sport which I get free with my broadband. Since the advent of multimedia streaming and digital technology, the... Read More »

Don’t have enough ports? You need an HDMI splitter

Don’t have enough ports? You need an HDMI splitterAfter a long day at the job, there is nothing as relaxing as catching your favorite show, playing on your games console, or streaming a TV show from your laptop. Kicking back on your couch, feet up and popcorn ready. Just as you are about to press the play button, you remember that you had... Read More »

The Ultimate TV Bracket For Under £30

The Ultimate TV Bracket For Under £30We’re all about HDMI here and usually that’s about cables and connectors but if you’re going to get the best equipment then make sure that you have your TV is on a good stand but they can cost a fair bit. When it comes to getting a bracket for your television then you’ve got to... Read More »

USB to HDMI Converter

USB to HDMI ConverterTechnology is improving every day but that doesn’t mean that you’re able to buy the latest and most high-tech equipment out there as we’ve all got a budget to stick to. This is where converters and adapters are useful as they allow you to pair up new and old technology to extend their life span... Read More »