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Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player

As a big movie buff, I am always online looking for the hottest new flicks, trailer and movie reviews. I also like watching a lot of sport and sometimes that’s only available on streams such as BT sport which I get free with my broadband.

Since the advent of multimedia streaming and digital technology, the way we watch shows, movies, even music has changed, and we can now do it all on phones, tablets, and latops. Compare this to the old school VHS tapes, cumbersome, low resolution and if the tape gets damaged, well, that’s it. Today we have all sorts of devices and gadgets with state of the art features but there’s nothing like watching media on your big 50″ plasma TV. The Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player is one device that will solve this and simply the viewing experience of users.

One of the best features is that I can use it with my BT Sport app on my phone so I can stream the big football match onto my TV without the need for any cables! 


chromecastThe Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player allows users to stream multimedia content by plugging it into the TV. I recently got my hands on the Chromecast HDMI streaming Media player and it is a beauty. First thing that caught my eye was the small size of the device, less than my thumb. The stylish design makes it a great present for family or friends.

Of course it’s made by Google too so you know that some serious money and time has gone into creating this.

Ease of use

I found the device quite easy to use, thanks to the plug and play feature. It allows you sync your Wi-Fi, tablets and mobile devices to your TV. No additional software is required. You can event get your Chrome browser with photos, videos and audio linked up to your TV. The Chromecast runs on an array of operating systems. It works well on the Chrome OS, Android devices (2.3 and above), Windows7, Windows8, IOS 6 and higher. It is also available for Mac users with compatibility with Mac OS 10.7 and higher.

You can easily plug into your TV and it won’t stick out, slipping out of the viewing frame. Another great feature is the remote-free capability. I could just sit back choose my favorite movies and music on my laptop or phone and play on the TV. Issues with sound, subtitles, playback and contrast are all solved remote-free.


chromecast appsWhen using Chromecast HDMI streaming Media Player, I can easily switch to one application while running another. You can open a new browser tab and check your email while listening to your favorite jam on the music player. Put your laptop or tablet on sleep mode and continue to enjoy your favorite movie uninterrupted. With high-definition capabilities, such as Full HD 1080p Video resolution users enjoy quality pictures thanks to Chromecast. Import your photos from your hard drive and view them on your TV, enhancing the pixel density and clarity.

Supported Content

Chromecast HDMI streaming media player works great with popular applications and platforms. It doesn’t let you miss any shows. I could get stuff on Google Play Movies and TV, YouTube, Netflix, and a whole lot more!

If you’re looking for an easy way to watch movies etc from your laptop or phone then look no further.