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Don’t have enough ports? You need an HDMI splitter

After a long day at the job, there is nothing as relaxing as catching your favorite show, playing on your games console, or streaming a TV show from your laptop. Kicking back on your couch, feet up and popcorn ready. Just as you are about to press the play button, you remember that you had previously had to swap your HDMI cables around and the one you want isn’t even plugged in yet!

Due to the multiplicity of devices that can handle the HD format, you may find yourself running out of HDMI inputs and a  HDMI switch/splitter is essentially what you need. It allows the user to split one HDMI source signal to many outputs. In other words, a HDMI splitter is able to send multimedia video and audio signal to several devices.  Read More

The Ultimate TV Bracket For Under £30

We’re all about HDMI here and usually that’s about cables and connectors but if you’re going to get the best equipment then make sure that you have your TV is on a good stand but they can cost a fair bit. When it comes to getting a bracket for your television then you’ve got to shop around to find the best for you which comes down to a couple of things:  Read More

USB to HDMI Converter

Technology is improving every day but that doesn’t mean that you’re able to buy the latest and most high-tech equipment out there as we’ve all got a budget to stick to. This is where converters and adapters are useful as they allow you to pair up new and old technology to extend their life span and same you some money too.

The main reason for people using USB to HDMI converters/adapters are so they can stream movies and videos from their laptop and view them on their large HD televisions.  Read More

The Best HDMI Splitter Less Than £10

A few years back having a single HDMI input on your HD TV was fine as it was more than likely that you only had one or two devices to attach to it, but now most peripherals use HDMI cables to connect to your TV so if you find yourself constantly unplugging and plugging in cables when you want to use your PS3, SKY HD, Xbox, BluRay, FreeSat, etc then you could probably do with buying an HDMI switcher.

These aren’t expensive and for less than a tenner you can save yourself the hassle and have all your kit connected to your TV and breathing new life into you AV set-up. It really is such an easy solution to what can be pretty frustrating if you’re having to yank out cables on a daily basis. It’s also not great practice to be repeatedly plugging an unplugging cables as you can cause damage to the connectors in the cable and on the television.

There are quite a few splitters on the market but the one with the best reviews on Amazon is the Duronic HDS3 Mini 3 Port Gold HDMI Auto Switch which retails at only £7.99 and allows you to connect up to 3 HDMI sources to one high definition display up to FULL HD 1080p and higher resolutions. You may see almost identical looking splitters online but with a different brand name and the fact it they will more than likely be exactly the same kit but just distributed by someone else, but more than likely all made in the same factory.

HDMi Splitter Diagram

The switcher is powered by the connected HDMI cable so you don’t need to worry about finding another plug socket and the device auto switches when you turn an HDMI connected device on and as it’s only 5cm by 5cm you’ll hardly notice it. It does have a manual switch too so you can easily flick between several switched-on sources. Have a look at the video below to see it in action.

As you can see it’s a simple bit of tech to use and does exactly what you need for such a small price.

On a technical side the Duronic Switcher uses HDMI v1.3b (Latest/fastest spec) and is HDCP compliant, fully HDMI Certified, and RoHS & CE approved. Some other splitters out there don’t carry all these qualities and so there have been issues with some users not being about to use BT Vision on certain switchers as they need to be HDCP compliant but the Duronic brand has it all and will work for 99.9% of devices.

If you want to find out more then there have a look at the product page on Amazon and decide from there if it’s the solution to your troubles.


HD Converter

The Best Scart to HDMI Converter on the Market

UPDATE: This product is no longer stocked so we recommend this one instead.

When we ran our Top 5 Scart to HDMI Converters article it was no surprise that the Scart to HDMI Converter with 1080p Upscaler by HD Cable Ltd came in at first place boasting great quality at a great price at less than 50 quid allowing you to use your old Scart VCR player etc on your new High-Def TV.


There’s no manual needed for this as it’s simple to install and is just plug & play. This unit will connect any analogue scart connection to the digital HDMI socket on your flatscreen TV, so if you’re looking to connect your Nintendo Wii or an old VCR to a TV with only an HDMI connection then this will not only HDMI to Scart Converterallow you to do that but this great converter also incorporates a 1080p upscaler to improve your picture quality to full High-Definition. There is also a switch on the back of the unit that allows you to change the output between 108op and 720p so sometimes it’s worth trying out both settings as some analogue pictures will look better at 720p rather than full 1080p.

The converter is small measuring only 127mm by 106mm but the metal casing and superior build quality will reassure you that you’ve got good value for money for something so small and the 24K gold input and output sockets ensure you get the best signal for perfect performance and lifetime reliability. The unit does require power but a UK power supply is also included. The only HDMI to Scart Converterthing you will need to buy in an HDMI cable but these can be bought for just a couple of pounds. You can read more specifics about this converter on the product detail page.

If you’re looking for a Scart to HDMI converter and upscaler then you can’t go wrong with this model.