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There’s no such thing as a Scart to HDMI Cable

When you first start looking for a way to connect your older electricals with scart connections to your new HDMI high-definition TV it’s pretty common to look for a lead or cable that will do the job as it seems a pretty simple solution so you’re probably thinking of something like the photo to the right? Simply using a cable with a scart connection at one end and an HDMI connection at the other will not work as scart is an analogue signal and HDMI is a digital signal  so you will need to buy an HDMI to Scart Converter/Adapter to change the signal.

Scart to HDMI connection

The converter is a small box with input and output which will convert the display signal from analogue into HDMI and most converters are also upscalers which means they can also boost the signal up to 720p or 1080p HD.

We’ve listed the best value converters belowso for just over £20 you can bring new life to your electricals. Read more on this subject on the various posts on this website.

SCART +HDMI to HDMI converter

Scart to HDMI Converter
Price: £22.59
Product Description:
With this you can connect your Sky box, Nintendo Wii, Playstation, etc to the HDMI connection on your television and will upscale it to 720p/1080p HD quality. This is one of the cheapest HDMI converters on the market at only £22.59 and you can view more information on the product page.