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What is HDMI?

HDMI, or high definition multimedia interface, is a type of audio and video interface that is used for the transmission of uncompressed digital streams. You will probably know it as the cable you use to connect to your big screen HD TV. Older cables such as Scart and conventional methods such as coaxial cabling, VGA, or component video equipment will compress the signal giving you a lower quality output, so switching to HDMI will give you great quality viewing.

What Types of Sources Use HDMI?

Quite a number of devices and sources on the market today will work with the use of HDMI such as The Blu-Ray disc player, a relatively new innovation, which was created with the use of HDMI specifically in mind. Most personal computers that are sold today are ready for use with HDMI, as are the majority of video game consoles in the stores such as Xbox360 and PlayStation3. New Sky boxes and now also compatible with HDMI with a wide range of HD channels to choose from. HDMI is the future and we are seeing that Scart cables etc are being phased out, so if you want to connect your older perpherals to your new TV you will need a converter.

Are All HDMI Versions The Same For All Devices?

No. There is a range of specifications that are employed by HDMI, and a given device will be manufactured to comply with one of those specifications. The most simplistic specification is identified as 1.0. With each succeeding version, the capabilities of the previous version remain intact, but are joined by other capabilities that will allow the version to function with a given device. Because technology is always advancing, HDMI continues to advance as well. However, older versions remain active, as they are often used with devices that require less functionality, and they also continue to be helpful in situations where older systems are still running and are in operation.

Where Did HDMI Come From?

HDMI was created and has been enhanced by the efforts of several prominent names in the computer and electronics industry. Consumers will recognize the names of Philips, Sony, Toshiba, and Silicon Image as just part of the roster of corporations involved in the ongoing enhancement of HDMI.