Don’t forget to buy your HDMI cables

HDMI to Scart Converter
If you’re buying an HDMI to Scart converter then you will probably already have the scart cables already but you will probably notice that HDMI cables are not always included when you buy your converter and so it’s best to check the product details when you place your order and then also order some HDMI cables at the same time.

How much should I pay for HDMI cables?

Don’t worry about the added expense though as HDMI cables have dropped in price a great amount and you can buy good quality cables for less than five pounds, so don’t be tempted to shell out on higher prices supposedly superior cables as the difference in quality is minimal and simply not worth the extra cost. A digital cable worth £5 will provide the same high definition picture and audio quality as one bought for £50. Because the signal is completely digital all the cable has to do is carry ones and zeros, and it’s your devices at either end that do the hard work. Of course the length of cable you choose will effect the price slightly.

Where can I get cheap HDMI cables from?

In our Top 5 Converters article the best prices we found for the Scart to HDMI converters were from Amazon so it makes sense that you buy your cables from there at the same time and you can be sure that you’re getting the best prices and the best possible service. The best price we could find on Amazon was a 1.8 Metre Gold HDMI cable with gold plated connectors for only £1.36 including free delivery which is certainly a lot cheaper than you will get them from highstreet shops such as Currys or Comet.

Below you will find a selection of cables so have a look to see the best deals you can get or click here to be taken to the HDMI cable category.