Scart to HDMI Converter for Nintendo Wii

One of the problems with the Nintendo Wii is that it doesn’t have an HDMI output and so most of the time you can only connect it by a scart cable but this doesn’t give the best quality on your High-Definition television as the signal from a scart cable is compressed where as HDMI signals are digital and uncompressed.

Scart to HDMI for your WiiYou can solve this problem with an Scart to HDMI converter which will allow you to connect the scart output from your Nintendo Wii games console to the HDMI socket on your HD TV and the next benefit is that the converter will also act as an upscaler. The upscaler will improve the signal and the Scart to HDMI Converter will take your signal up to 720p HD quality (1280×720).

Not only will the ability to use an HDMI cable give you superior quality but thin HDMI cables will make your whole entertainments system look smart rather than using thick and unsightly scart cables. You could also use the converter to connect your games console to your computer monitor too as a lot of new ones will have HDMI sockets but of course won’t have scart sockets.

This converter and upscaler is one of the cheapest on the market at only £43.99 and as well as connecting your Wii will also allow you to connect your Sky box, Playstation, Virgin Media box etc to the HDMI connection on your television.

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