The Best Scart to HDMI Converter on the Market

UPDATE: This product is no longer stocked so we recommend this one instead.

When we ran our Top 5 Scart to HDMI Converters article it was no surprise that the Scart to HDMI Converter with 1080p Upscaler by HD Cable Ltd came in at first place boasting great quality at a great price at less than 50 quid allowing you to use your old Scart VCR player etc on your new High-Def TV.


There’s no manual needed for this as it’s simple to install and is just plug & play. This unit will connect any analogue scart connection to the digital HDMI socket on your flatscreen TV, so if you’re looking to connect your Nintendo Wii or an old VCR to a TV with only an HDMI connection then this will not only HDMI to Scart Converterallow you to do that but this great converter also incorporates a 1080p upscaler to improve your picture quality to full High-Definition. There is also a switch on the back of the unit that allows you to change the output between 108op and 720p so sometimes it’s worth trying out both settings as some analogue pictures will look better at 720p rather than full 1080p.

The converter is small measuring only 127mm by 106mm but the metal casing and superior build quality will reassure you that you’ve got good value for money for something so small and the 24K gold input and output sockets ensure you get the best signal for perfect performance and lifetime reliability. The unit does require power but a UK power supply is also included. The only HDMI to Scart Converterthing you will need to buy in an HDMI cable but these can be bought for just a couple of pounds. You can read more specifics about this converter on the product detail page.

If you’re looking for a Scart to HDMI converter and upscaler then you can’t go wrong with this model.