The Ultimate TV Bracket For Under £30

We’re all about HDMI here and usually that’s about cables and connectors but if you’re going to get the best equipment then make sure that you have your TV is on a good stand but they can cost a fair bit. When it comes to getting a bracket for your television then you’ve got to shop around to find the best for you which comes down to a couple of things: 


Yes a bracket really can have features. Does it tilt? Does it swivel? How easy is it to mount? How big a TV will it accommodate? Are fixings all included? These are a  lot of things that you may take for granted but make sure you read the product descriptions to ensure you’re getting everything you want from your TV bracket.


This is ultimately one of the deciding factors but don’t opt for cheap, just because it is cheap, as what it’s holding up is worth a darn site more than a few extra quid on a bracket!

The best features at the best price

tv-bracket-300x300I was recently shopping for a new bracket as I’ve recently moved home and I did my research into what to buy and I was amazed to pick up a swivel and tilt bracket for just over £30 including delivery from Amazon! The bracket looked to have it all, would take a 42 inch TV easily (in fact it would go up to 60″!), plus is tilted and swivelled and had a cantilever arm hich meant the TV could swing around in 180 degrees.

I read the positive reviews, ordered it, and I wasn’t disappointed. In the pack came the bracket, instructions in English, the mounting plugs and bolts, and a variety of different screws to attach the television. There was even a miniature spirit level on the bracket to ensure it’s hung level. It’s a fairly hefty piece of equipment so make sure your wall is solid and it’s worth having an extra pair of hand to mark out the holes whilst holding it against the wall.

Most of the time the TV is flat against the wall but I’m really impressed by the cantilever arm as it’s meant I’m able to move the TV around for when I need to whole room to play on my Xbox Kinnect! This came out at New Year and everyone was impressed with my latest gadget!

This bracket is available on Amazon for £29.99 plus free delivery which is an absolute bargain!